Monday, March 16, 2015

The Church is True

We had a super amazing week! The best part is always when we get to Sunday and the people we have been visiting come to church! We have been visiting Estela and Sheila all week. Estela hasn't gone to church for about a long time and when we asked if they would come to church, Estela was really hesitant. She said she would drop Sheila off at the church and pick her up, but she didn't want to go actually go to church. We started talking about all the blessings that we receive if we do what Heavenly Father wants us to do. She really felt the spirit and finally said that she would come to church too. AND THEY BOTH CAME!!!!! What an amazing miracle! We were waiting and waiting for them outside of the church and they finally came around the corner in their motercycle. It was so great. Everyone was so excited to see Estela again. :)

We visited Angel and Claudia. Angel said that he officially decided that they are going to be married, so we are going to make everything final tomorrow! We are going with Claudia to find out what day they can get married. The members are really helping and are all excited to have a wedding and help them out. I really hope that I am still here for their wedding and her baptism!!

We also had our zone meeting this week. Hermana Cerna and I had to give a talk about how to be unified with our companions. We really found out that the only way to be unified is to have charity. We need to start with our companions before we can really love our investigators and members. I am really grateful for my companion and everything she does for me.

That was the best part of my week! I hope you are all doing great! I love you all!

Hermana Wood

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