Thursday, August 14, 2014


Dear Mom,

This week was a little bit longer because I was sick a little and we have a ton of new investigators. We are teaching both our teachers, a missionary from our district, and our TRC progressing investigator. A little bit more about TRC. So on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, we go to his "house", which is another apartment because we are on West Campus, and we teach him. Everyone in my district has different investigators. When my companion and I found out that we were teaching Javier, lots of people were worried for us because he is known as a hard investigator. He knows the ins and outs of the bible and he is actually a mormon, so he knows that questions are difficult to answer. We have been praying, studying, and thinking about Javier the most out of all our people. On our lesson last Friday, we taught him about faith in Jesus Christ. He says that he has faith. So we asked him to act on his faith and be baptized........and he said yes!! The unteachable has been taught by us! The spirit was so strong and I felt so great. He still asks us some crazy questions, but he accepted baptism and lots of people are blown away that we were able to commit him! It was a great experience. :)

Another interesting thing was Hermana Leavitt and I got a letter in the mail that said we were going to have to switch investigators because the times weren't matching up or something. When we first started teaching Javier, I would have been just fine with switching. But when we got this letter, I realized that I didn't want to switch. Javier meant something to me and I wanted to help him. We went and asked to keep Javier. They did a lot of work, but they made it so we could teach him again!! I was so happy. I never thought I would have begged to keep teaching Javier. It was a big learning moment for me. I didn't realize how much he meant to me. It was a cool experience. :)

I am very grateful that you were able to get in contact with people in Salt Lake about my visa and my fingerprints! We got to ride in a police car to the police station and they used this super advanced machine to do my fingerprints. No ink or anything. It was lots of fun and we are now friends with Officer Judd. :)

This week, we had a district meeting and we went around and shared a cool experience or a testimony. I shared my testimony of the Book of Mormon. It goes all the way back to ninth grade. I have always loved the Book of Mormon and all the stories. At the end of the school year, my seminary teacher wrote "I am a witness of the Book of Mormon" up at the top of the board and said to come write your name on the board if you are a witness of the Book of Mormon. I thought and thought about it, and then I decided that I was a witness and that I could write my name on the board. I loved that feeling. I have never lost my testimony and it continues to grow stronger every day.

My testimony in Spanish:
Yo se que Dios es muy amoroso. Yo se que Jesucristo es mi salvador y mi redentor. El Libro de Mormon es veradero. La iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias es veradera. Mediante la fe en Jesucristo yo puedo volver de Dios otra vez. Te amo!!!!

Te amo,
Hermana Wood :)

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