Sunday, August 10, 2014

July 30, 2014

Dear Mommy,

Hi! It's p-day again! I can't believe I have been here for two weeks! I am so glad that I have chosen to serve a mission at this point in my life. Someone at a devotional did the stats from 1930 until now, the probability of living in the latter days is 1 in 100,000. The probability of being a hastening the work missionary right now is 1 in 1,000,000. That blew my mind. Heavenly Father has saved us for this time. He trusted us enough that we would choose to follow Him with our whole souls. It isn't even a question to me as to why I am on a mission. I love my Heavenly Father more than words can describe. I will not let Him down.

The devotional this week that really hit me was the talk we got to watch after the devotional. It was given by Elder Bednar in the MTC on Christmas a few years ago. He taught us about the character of Christ. In every situation in Christ's life, when the natural man would turn inward and care about Himself, He turned out. After He had gone through the hardest trial ever, the Atonement, He reached out and healed the guard's ear. When Jesus was dying on the cross, He made sure His mother was taken care of and asked God to forgive them. when any normal human would have turned inward, He turned out. For me, there is no more "I want." I am trying very hard to focus on others, especially when things are hard.

Yesterday after the devotional, we got back to our classroom. This is how our seats were before the devotional.
H. Sheppard      H. Christiansen      me      H. Leavitt      E. Slavens

E. Nord      E. Frandsen      E. Bluth      E.Jackson      E. Manning

I sat in the very front and I loved it. When we got back:
H. Sheppard      H. Christiansen      E. Manning      E. Slavens      H. Leavitt

E. Nord      E. Frandsen      E. Bluth      E.Jackson      ME

Everyone else stayed the same, except for us two that moved. Our teacher moved us because E. Slavens and E. Manning haven't been trying at all so he moved them to the front and put me in the very back corner. I sat down and I couldn't even see! I'm assuming I was already a little stressed out and this hurt me more than it should have. I was starting to cry, but I was hold it in. Then Brother and Sister Price, branch presidency, came over and saw I was struggling. They took me in the other room and I started crying a lot. She cave me a big hug and told me it was okay. They understood that this wouldn't work. Brother Price gave me a blessing of comfort and also he blessed Grandpa inadvertently, which comforted me too. They said they would help me figure it out. After I tried to turn out they way Christ did I wrote all the girls letters and they liked it. I probably should have tried to react differently, but the natural man is very real. The choice to be like the savior is a hard one sometimes, but always worth it.

Now for your questions:
1. Yes, my whole district is going to Rosario. We are finding out that this is very rare, so we are grateful. :)
2. Yup. I'm leaving August 25. And I found out I'm supposed to come home Jan. 12. School starts Jan you better have some classes picked for me. I promise that I will have some input when it gets closer. You accidentally put 815 on one of the dear elders. Make sure you put 814.
3.No word on my Visa.
4. I wrote the Bishop a letter.
5. Thanks for including Taylor, Devin, and Clouse! I want Tanner and Ryan to be on there, but I don't know their addresses. I'll find out. And Liz said she didn't get my letter, so could you check that?

Those pants are both perfect! Thank you so much! I'm going to try and send some pictures...hopefully it works.

Te amo para siempre!
Hermana Wood :)

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