Monday, January 19, 2015


Can anyone believe that I hit 6 months this week??? I can't even begin to think about it. This time is going by SO fast. I don't ever want it to end. I love being able to talk to EVERYONE about Jesus Christ and His love and sacrifice for every single one of us. I love sharing His love and I love Him. :)

This week was hard because Hermana Matias' ankle has really been hurting. :( I went on divisions with Hermana Thornton a lot this week. Honestly, I know why I am here in Cañada. Hermana Thornton and I can really work together and teach because we have already been companions. God works in very mysterious ways. And the work in Cañada hasn't stopped, despite the injuries. :)

We received some sad new this week. Claudia and Angel are moving to La Pampa (where Claudia used to live). They are moving because they are having problems getting all the documents Claudia needs to get married and they don't like the house they are living in right now. So they are going to leave Cañada de Gomez. :( :( We were very sad when she told us. But right after that, she told us, "I already know where the chapel is in La Pampa and I know where all my documents are. We are going to move, get married, go to church, and I am going to get baptized, no matter what." Wow. She is amazing. She is going to be a HUGE miracle for the missionaries there. I am so excited for her and her new life. I am glad that I got to be apart of it for a couple weeks to help her find the true gospel and happiness. :)

I love Cañada! Our other investigator that is progressing a lot is named Irma. She has a complicated life. She has 4 little kids under the age of 7. Her husband is in jail, and she had to get married to him so that they could visit. Her mother is in dire need of blood transfers and she isn't doing very well. (Just a side note...don't tell people what blood type you have. Because you shouldn't go around giving blood to people.) She has a ton of faith in Jesus Christ and is really searching for the truth. This week we were finally able to teach all about the restoration because her kids were sleeping. It really caught her attention and she is going to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She is super great!

We are also teaching lots of menos activos because there are about 300 in the branch! Our goal is to help Cañada become a ward again. We are here to baptize, retain the people who just got baptized, and reactivate the people that aren't going to church. We need to do all of these things in order to help everyone and help this place. We are super excited and happy to be here!!

I love you all!
Hermana Wood :)

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