Monday, January 5, 2015

Hermana Madera

New apartment

Hermana Matias!

This was our lovely lunch today with me, Hermana Matias, Hermana Thornton, and Hermana Rodrigues. We made the empanadas by ourselves! And..everyone drinks out of bottles like that here. Don't worry, it is just Tang. :) ​

Our pizza. I don't know if you can tell...but that isn't cheese. Those are noodles. And scrambled eggs. And hot dogs. Yup...we were quite adventurous that night. It was actually delicious.

I have officially changed my name to Hermana Madera. Madera means Wood in Spanish. It is so much easier for everyone and they all remember me. ;) I love this new area! It is so great. It has been hard this week because we couldn't leave the apartment the 31st or the 1st because of all the parties here and we had Zone Conference yesterday. We only worked 4 days last week, but it was still amazing!

Update on Claudia. She is doing amazing! She came to church yesterday and she loved it. Angel and Claudia decided that they are going to get married so that she can be baptized! :) We are going with them tomorrow to figure out all the papers. She is super amazing and she understands the importance of the gospel in her life. She can feel the difference when she reads the Book of Mormon and when she doesn't. She is so loving and super ready. :)

We also have another man named Andres. He has a baptismal date for the 10th of January. He has been on vacation for all the parties these past couple weeks. He came back this week! We found him on Friday. The first thing he told us when he saw us was that he wasn't going to go to church on Sunday because he was so tired from all his vacations. We were really sad and we told him to pray and that we would come back Saturday. We prayed really hard for Andres all night. Saturday we found him and he told us that the night before, he received an answer from God that he needs to go to church. His heart completely changed. It was a miracle! We are super excited for this week and hopefully he will be able to be baptized this week! :)

We found lots of other people and we are going to visit them this week. Hopefully everything will calm down after the parties and we will be able to find all of our other investigators. I am super happy and super excited! :)

Hermana Wood :)

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