Monday, February 2, 2015


Wow, this week has been super long. We went to Rosario 3 times this week! And we also had district meeting in Carcaraña, which means we had to travel to get there as well. We also had to go the terminal when Hermana Thornton got her new companion. It's just Hermana Matias and I now. :) We waited and traveled a ton this week, but we were still able to talk to lots of people and share what we believe with people on the bus, in the taxis, and with other missionaries. There is always an opportunity to share your testimony.

Claudia is doing well! Her friend in La Pampa is going to send her her birth certificate and then they can get married! We have to wait until it gets here, but then they can get married. We are excited for them. The thing that I love most about Claudia is that she already has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. Whenever we share a story or a scripture, she can immediately apply it to her life and how it can help her. She is super great. :)

We didn't really have much more time to visit more people in our area this week. But one of the reasons we went to Rosario was to have Zone Conference! It was amazing. I am super grateful for my leaders and the opportunity to learn and grow.

The part that hit me the most during this conference was that if we don't do the work for our ancestors, they can't progress. If we don't find their names and take them to the temple, they can't enter through the gates of baptism and make those covenants with Heavenly Father. We have a really important work to do. The works that are going to continue during the millennium are missionary work, family history, and temple work. So we better get used to working now. ;)

We also had a talent show this week in our ward! We had to plan it all, so we didn't have much time for that as well. But it went super well! We and the other missionaries made a super funny skit. We made the gold plates and everything! It was super fun. I love being a missionary!

Hermana Wood :)

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