Monday, April 6, 2015


Wow, this week had its ups and downs, but we ended so great because we were able to watch conference! We had lots of investigators and menos activos come, and they all loved listening to the apĆ³stoles and the words they had to say. One thing that I love here is that on Sunday, everyone goes to the church to watch conference. It was special and the spirit is a lot stronger because there aren't distractions, you are in nice clothes, and you are completely focused on what the people are saying. I really liked it. :)

I loved the talk by Wilford W. Andersen about dancing and how it is very important to listen to the music. Anyone can learn to dance, but if you can't hear the music, it is very awkward and you will stop eventually. Some dance just because the people around them are dancing. It is crucial to teach your kids to listen for the music for themselves so that they can feel the rhythm and have the desire to keep dancing. I loved the analogy to the gospel. We have to listen to the spirit and be able to receive answers for ourselves so that we can progress and obtain all the blessings God has for us. I also loved the talk by Boyd K. Packer. But it got cut off in the middle, so if you could send me his talk, I would love that!

The work here is still moving forward! This last week we found two complete families to visit this week. I am excited to help them become eternal families! I love you all and I hope you enjoyed conference!

Hermana Wood

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