Monday, April 20, 2015

Vamos a tener bautismos :)

This week has been a little crazy, but super awesome and packed with great experiences!!! On Monday, we went to the dentist here in Argentina and she took out her tooth in 5 minutes! It was super fast and simple. When they finished, Hermana Cerna felt so good and thought that she would be ready to leave the next day. Haha.........nope. The anasthesia went away, and she couldn't move her mouth. So we called some hermanas here in our rama and they were able to help us out! One hermana came to our house and stayed with Hermana Cerna and another went out with me to be a missionary for a day! We had a lot of success and the members learned a lot and loved talking to people and sharing their testimonies. It was super great for them and for me so that I didn't have to stay in the house ALL day long. ;)

Our mission is focusing a lot on the family. How we can support the family and when we are finding people to teach, we need to focus on finding complete families: a mom, a dad, and kids so that they can all be baptized and make these big changes as a family, not as individuals. It is very rewarding to see the people that God puts in our path to find these families that are prepared and ready to be eternal families.

We found 3 complete families this week! We are hoping that they will all continue to progress and I will tell more about them this next week.

The best thing this week is Sheila and Claudia both passed their interviews to be baptized!!! They are getting baptized! Vamos a tener bautismos!!! We are so super excited for them to make these first covenants with our Heavenly Father. Please pray for them this week that all will go according to plan. We know that it probably won't...because that never happens, especially in the mission, be we know that everything will be exactly the way Heavenly Father wants it to be. :)

I love you all!
Hermana Wood

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