Monday, May 18, 2015

Dedication of the Cordoba Temple!!!

This week was a little slower because I had to stay in the pench a couple days to help my knee heal, but I am doing a ton better and I actually walking that's a plus. I am grateful that we are still helping and finding new people, despite my injury.

Update on Carmelo and Susana. They are doing good! They love everything we are teaching them...but they are having a problem. They are actually from Santa Fe and their address is still in Santa Fe. So they need to change their address to Pergamino before they can get married here, or they need to go to Santa Fe to get married. So...they aren't going to get married June 13th, but they are excited to progress and figure out the best way to get married. It will be good for them because now they have to fight and progress and really put in an effort to get married. It will be good. :) And Susana is scheduled to have her baby girl this next week! We are excited for her!

We found this adorable woman named Amalia. She has two adopted sons named Damian and Angel. Damian is 19 and Angel is 15. We taught her about the restoration and about the book of mormon and she loved it. She said that so many things in her life make sense now and she is excited to keep reading and learning more. She accepted a baptism date too, so we are excited. This week, she invited us to each lunch with her, so we went and met her kids. We invited them to the activity we had Friday, and they came! They instantly became friends with the other young people in our ward, and they had lots of fun. We are excited to work with this family. :)

We had such a cool and spiritual experience yesterday. We were able to attend the dedication of the Cordoba temple in our chapel! We watched all three sessions of the dedication and it was so special. Everyone in Argentina is so excited to have another temple here. I feel spoiled rotten. From my house in Kaysville, I think I have about 8 or more temples within an hour of my house. The people here were crying with joy because they have a temple 4 hours away now instead of 8 hours. We are so blessed to have so many temples so close and we NEED to go to the temple as often as we can. Please go as a family and find your ancestors that need your help. I know they are waiting for you to do their work. The temple is so special, and the dedication was super beautiful. "Hosanna, Hosanna, a Dios y al Cordero!" It is so beautiful.

I think that is it for this week. I have so many pictures to send...but we had to come to Rosario last night for special p-day today with the other hermanas and I forgot my next week, I will send them. I love you all!!!!

Hermana Wood-

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