Monday, May 25, 2015

Week in Bed

Alright, this week was full to the brim of miracles. I am going to start with last Monday in the afternoon and work my way to today. Don't anyone freak out because obviously I am still here and everything will be fine.

Monday in the night we got back from special P-day, which was lots of fun. I got a call from Presidente Zanni and he told me that he received a letter from the mission doctor that said..I needed to go home to my house. The doctor saw the x-ray and said I needed to go to the states to get more studies and figure out what was going on. Obviously, I started crying a little and I was completely in shock, so I didn't understand much of what he was saying after that. We live with two other hermanas, so he asked to talk to Hermana Calderon, from Argentina. She started talking to him. She looked into my face and then sternly said to Presidente, "Hermana Wood is not going to her house. Give us one week and I will help her get all the studies she needs so that she can stay." Presidente paused for a while and then said..okay! So this whole last week we have been doing study after study.

Tuesday in the morning Hermana Calderon and I went to Rosario to go to a special knee doctor. Presidente Zanni went with us to the doctor. He told me that I needed to get an ultra sound on my knee to look at my tendons and then come back. Hermana Calderon started calling in Pergamino to see who could give us the ultra sound Wednesday because we only had one week to get everything done. No one had any openings. She decided to call the bishop in her old ward and he told her there was a good clinic in San Nicholas. He gave her the number and she called. They said they could squeeze me in the next day! So we came home from Rosario and slept in Pergamino.

Wednesday in the morning we went to San Nicholas. They did the ultra sound really quickly, but they weren't going to have the results until 6 in the afternoon. So we waited in the house of the hermanas from San Nicholas all day. Then we got back on the colectivo barely in time and slept in Pergamino. Thursday in the morning we went to a really good knee doctor in Pergamino and we brought him the x-ray and the ultra sound. He said he coudn't see anything wront with my tendons, but obviously something is wrong because it is still hurting me really bad. So he told me I needed to get an MRI. The doctor told us to go to this other clinic in Pergamino and ask if I could get the MRI done right at this very moment, without appointment. So we went and they said yes, but is was $2000 pesos. We didn't have $2000 we called the other hermanas and all the elders in our district. Everyone brought some money and we were able to pay for it. I got the MRI and we went back to the doctor. He said that my knee is just really inflamed, but there is no permanent damage! He wrote up a report that said that I don't have to go to the states!!!! you have no idea how blessed and happy I am!!!! We called Presidente Zanni and told him what the doctor said. He crumpled up the letter from the doctor and told me I could stay. :) I am so grateful and blessed and I love miracles.

I am going to be starting shock therapy for my knee this week and I haven't left to proselyte for more than a week. I will be in bed until Friday this week and hopefully I will be able to leave. I am grateful for the members that are leaving with my compaƱera and the other hermanas and all the help they gave me. I am so grateful that I am going to be staying here in Argentina and finish my mission strong. Thank you all for your prayers and love! The gospel is true!!!! I love you all!!!

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