Monday, July 6, 2015

Be Strong!

Happy 4th of July from Argentina!

Oh, I totally forgot what we did this morning! We went with the other hermanas and we ate waffles!!! And smoothies!!! It was absolutely delicious and lots of fun!

The Relief Society celebrated my birthday!

Susana, Estefania, and Mailen

And we 'milked' an alfajor. That means that you suck milk through the alfajor. It didn't work very well, but it was delicious.

This week we were able to work a lot and we found lots of people that we haven't seen in while! We were able to find Susana AND Carmelo! It was super great to see them. Carmelo is pretty stressed out about work and money and things like that, so he was a little distant...but I hope that we can help him. Susana is doing well! She is reading and praying every day. She always loves to listen and learn more about the gospel. They are still waiting to have more money to start the papers to get married, so it is just a waiting game. It is hard, but I know we just have to put it in the hands of the Lord and He will make everything right.

We found Amalia!! It has been forever. She was super sick, she was in bed for 15 days straight. However, that gave her a LOT of free time, and she started reading the Book of Mormon! She is about half way done. We taught her about the plan of salvation, and she loved it. Her husband passed away about 3 years ago, and she found a lot of peace to know that her husband is okay and that she will see him again. I was able to share my testimony of the plan of salvation because I know that I will see my grandpa again and that we will be a family forever. I love teaching her because she accepts everything so easily. It's like she already knew it. I love it. :)

Silvina had her baby! So we are finally going to be able to teach her this week.

And Maria. First off, we were able to talk to her and with her husband and her husband wants to be baptized as well! We are excited for them to progress bother. But..Satan works so hard. When the investigator makes the decision and truly wants to be baptized with a date and everything, he starts working. First off, we were going to have a family night with her and her cute family this week, but her little baby got a bad ear infection, so they couldn't leave. Then Sunday in the morning..her dad had two heart attacks and passed out twice. They took him really fast to the hospital and they started helping him. They think he has a clogged artery. They told us it was super scary and obviously that is the reason they didn't come to church. It is very difficult.

On a fun note, we did lots of other stuff this week! We helped paint a house! It was lots of fun. We also had divisions this week. I was with Hermana Robinson. We came to our area so that we could use the bikes...but she is about as tall as I am and she didn't reach the pedals on Hermana Christiansen's we walked. I actually felt pretty good! What a blessing! I hope that everything will keep getting better and I will be able to walk normal. That will be a great day. We also had the 4th of July! Haha, we actually had to stay in the pench in the afternoon because there was a soccer game. Argentina vs. Chile. But...Argentina lost. So..that was kind of bummer. They went into penalties and everything. Maybe some day we will beat them. ;) The relief society also had a fun activity and they celebrated all the birthdays of the people in June! So they celebrated my birthday! That was awesome!

And good luck to all my friends that are ending their mission this week! I literally can't believe it has been two years! You are all awesome!

Hermana Wood :)

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