Monday, July 20, 2015

Where did this year go?

When we got to our house, there was a picture of the Virgin Mary outside our house, so we took it out and put in Jesus. :)

This is Toby. He is our neighbor's dog. He is so fat and so short and so cute. He is the best!

My shoes at one shoes are invicible. ;)

One year!

Super awesome graffiti! Barrio Acevedo!

I don't know if you can see it...but that house is round. It's like a sphere. There is a whole street completely full of these houses! They are awesome!

I honestly can't believe what I am about to type. I have been in the mission for 1 year!!!!!!!! It has gone by so fast. I can't believe that I only have 6 more months to be here, teaching people, learning, growing, preaching the gospel, sharing my testimony every day of my Savior. But honestly, what I have learned is that the mission is just a training for the rest of my life. A missionary that really learned how to be a representative of Jesus Christ will never stop sharing the gospel. There are people all around us that are waiting to hear the sweet message of the restoration of the gospel. I know that we have the truth and that we can always share the gospel with everyone. :)

First off, we were able to teach Cintia and Mica! They are amazing girls! When we started the lesson, they both had lots of questions because they both read the pamphlet and the introduction of the Book of Mormon! They really want to learn more and we were able to help them understand more about prayer and the importance of Jesus Christ in our lives. We invited them to church, but they weren't able to come. :( However, Lucas, one of the less active sons, came to church!! We are helping all of them, and I am super grateful to know them.

Maria moved this week and lives a lot closer now, so we are going to be able to teach her a lot easier. Carmelo and Susana are becoming really distant, and it is sad. We had a really strong lesson with them this week and invited them both to pray again about the Book of Mormon so that they can remember why they are trying to make this change in their lives.

We have been trying to find lots of new people. We found a few new people that we are going to visit this week, Lorena, Gregorio, Ignacio, and Elva. A while ago, some elders passed by this kid named Hugo, so we decided to pass by him yesterday. We got there, and he quickly invited us in. We got to know him and his mom, Yolanda. They are super great and Yolanda told us that she really feels like God sent us to her door. I am excited to teach them!

I am excited for tomorrow because we are going to have a 'special' p-day for all the hermanas in the mission! I am so excited to see everyone and to have lots of fun! Next week also is transfers. We have no idea who is going to leave and who is going to stay because Hermana Christiansen and I have the exact same time here in Acevedo and in the this week will get super interesting. :) I hope you all have a great week!

Love,>br> Hermana Wood :)

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