Tuesday, September 8, 2015

NEW transfer. NEW area. NEW companion. Let's go

I got my package!
The girls from Acevedo. :)
This super funny kid named Jeremias from Acevedo that always talked to us in English. so funny.
Hermana Christiansen. i love her.
A little bit of the fields on the way to Rosario.

Hello, everyone! I'm sure you are all dying to know what happened this week. So I guess I will tell you. I got transferred! My area is called Echesortu. It is right smack dab in the middle of Rosario. WHOO!! I am finally in Rosario!!! It's better that way because I am in the Rosario, Argentina mission. Echesortu was the first ward created in Rosario, so it is huge and all the members are super great! My companion is from Brazil. Her name is Hermana Rebeiro. No matter how you guys pronounce it, you will say it wrong. Because even I say it wrong. The correct pronunciation is in portuguese, and I can't even start to try and say it correctly. But she is so great. She the 6th of 6 children. She is 20 years old. Her closest sibling is 17 years older than her! Her and two of her sisters are the only members of her family. She is amazing and so humble and I am super grateful to be here with her! It is funny sometimes because neither of us are talking our first language, but spanish is the only way we can communicate. :) She does want to learn english, so I am going to teach her a little bit.

Echesortu is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gigantic. Enormous. The biggest area I have had. I have only been here for a day, but I feel like I will never learn the streets. They all look the exact same because they all have big buildings and tons of cars and people. A completely new experience. I have already seen things that I will never forget. I am grateful for Heavenly Father's protection, especially as a missionary. I know that if we are obedient and follow the spirit's promptings, we will be fine. Don't worry about me, I am just telling you. :)

Funny thing. Hermana Cerna went to Acevedo to be with Hermana Christiansen! Haha, super funny.

Anyway, I honestly don't remember what I did last week in Acevedo, so....I don't have much more to write. Thank you for all your love and prayers! I love you all!!!!

Hermana Wood

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