Monday, December 14, 2015

Who knew?

Why did I think I was going to be able to end my mission peacfully? Haha, well, that thought was a little off track because this week was crazy! We did so many things and lots of stuff happened and I am going to try and share it all with you.

First. Haha. Well, once upon a time, we live in a building that needs three keys to enter. One for the main door, one for the bars in front of our door, and one to open the door to our room. Oh, and before we had a rule that we couldn't take the cell phone out of the house, but this week the changed it. And we have to be in the house at 8:30. So on Wednesday, we went to leave the house. We took the phone, locked the bars and the door, and left the building. We went and visited everyone we needed to see...and we realized that it was 8:20 and we weren't going to make it home in time. So we started running. We ran in the middle of the street in Rosario, in the bike lane, because it was faster. We ran and ran and ran, and we finally got home. When we got there...we realized we didn't have the keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were stuck in the middle of Rosario without keys or money. But, THANKFULLY, we had the phone! So we called the elders and they said we needed to go to the hermanas in Parque Urquiza and spend the night because there wasn't anything we could do about it in the moment. We called the landlord, and he didn't have a copy of the keys or anything. So we called the hermanas, and they paid the taxi that we took and we slept with them for the night. It was hard to sleep because you could hear the bats outside all night and the doves in the morning. but that's beside the point. Then in the morning, we called the elders and they said they were going to meet us at our house. So we took a taxi, and they paid for it, and we got there. Before they called the locksmith, we pushed all the doorbells of the people to see if they could open the maindoor. One guy said yes and came down. We explained what happened and he said a woman had found some keys yesterday!!!!! We quickly talked to the woman and she said she found them in the keyhole of the main door! I left the keys in the door! Hahahaha. I felt kind of stupid, but blessed that we didn't need to pay lots of money. we made copies of all the keys and now we are okay. Oh my gosh, so funny.

Second. One night, we opened the window to go to sleep, and a butterfly came in the room! Obviously, being me, I couldn't sleep with a butterfly in the room. So I started jumping on the beds trying to reach it and put it outside. Hermana cruz tried to help by hitting the butterfly with her towel. But...she hit it so hard, that she let go of her towel and it flew out the window! Then in that moment it started raining and pouring and we couldn't find her towel. but don't worry, i got the butterfly out of the room. We found her towel the next day soaking wet, but we found it. :) Third. We had the Christmas dinner here in our ward!! Melisa and Guillermo were able to come!!! They told us that their son is okay now and he is with them, so they are very happy about that. The primary did the nativity and the youth served the food for everyone. We had to leave, but after everyone danced and had a great time. It was very nice!

Fourth. Yesterday we had consejo de barrio with our bishop, and we were so surprised becuase we taught him the new plan from the area and he put everything in practice! We gave him a copy of the Action Plan with the vision, goals, and plans, and he made a copy of it and gave it to everyone organization so that each one has a vision for the ward and how they are going to help the ward grow. I loved to see the fruits and I know that they are going to keep progressing here! It makes me happy!

Fifth. This morning Hermana Cruz and I went to the Monument! It was so beautiful because there was no one there and the sun was behind the clouds. I love Rosario and I love being a missionary!

Those are the stories from my week. I hope you all have an amazing week with everything that is going on with Christmas and families! I love you all!

Hermana Wood :)

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